Organic Lawn 

​​​ Our fertilizer does not contain phosphorus which can negatively impact lakes and wetlands. We will be leaving a buffer zone at the water where fertilizer will not be applied. We would be treating the weeds as close to the water’s edge as possible. Properly applied herbicides have no adverse effect on the lakes and wetlands. Your professionals at Top Lawn will know exactly how to care for your lakefront home and treat only as recommended by the manufacturer’s labels.

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Top Lawn’s Lake safe program​

The lawn care industry is changing. Because of increased awareness around the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, many consumers want an organic option. Top Lawn understands the concerns and has developed options for consumers looking for an Organic lawn program. Organic lawn care involves using organic based fertilizers and minimizing or eliminating pesticide use as well as employing proper lawn care techniques to achieve the best possible results. Below you will find additional details regarding options for Organic Lawn Care.  

​​Organic based granular turf builder fertilizer with general use pesticides applied where needed to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. We would be working to control weeds such as dandelions and crabgrass. We would occasionally be instructing you to keep of the lawn for two hours or so after a treatment for weeds. 

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Standard Organic Program​


Pesticide free option​

A lawn that looks healthy year-round. Naturally.

Organic based Granular turf builder fertilizer to keep the grass as healthy and green as possible. No pesticides for weeds, insects or diseases would ever be applied without the approval from you, our valued customer. There would be no restrictions as to staying off the lawn. If there is ever a need or request to treat insects, weeds or diseases we can do that for an additional charge with your approval.

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