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What guarantees do you provide?

Here at TOP LAWN we have one goal in mind: To provide our customers with the very best lawn care service in town.

What this means, is if you are not fully satisfied with the lawn care service you received, just let us know and we will be happy to come back and fix things, free of charge. If that doesn't work for you, we'll give you a discount off your next lawn care service.


How long do I need to wait until letting children and pets back on the lawn?

2 hours or until Dry. We will post signs and leave an invoice with product application time.

If you have question not answered in our FAQ's please call the office 248-560-4727 or email us at  

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If the weather is bad will my treatment be pushed back to a later date?

Please don't worry if an application seems to be delayed. Weather plays a big part in when and where we treat. Our materials are blended especially for this climate and your lawn will most definitely be treated within the proper time frame.


My lawn treatment was done and shortly afterwards it began to rain. Is it still okay?

If it rains within an hour of one of our treatments, don't be concerned. All of our treatments do best when watered in. If a heavy downpour immediately follows a treatment, call us without delay and we can decide whether a reapplication is necessary.


How long do I need to wait until letting the dog/children back on the lawn?

2 hours or until Dry. We will post signs and leave an invoice with product application time.  


When is my next application?

Top Lawn applies applications every 4-6 weeks.


What do I do about moles? 

Unfortunately we cannot offer control for vertebrate pests. The presence of moles in your lawn does not necessarily indicate a grub problem. Moles feed on any insects they can find and about 75% of their diet is comprised of earthworms. Controls are categorized as repellants, traps or poisons. We have found that the best long-term solutions are traps or poisons. The highest success rate seems to be with a product called TOMCAT MOLE KILLER that can be purchased at your local hardware or home improvement store. They are synthetic, poisonous worms that you put directly into the mole tunnels.


When should I get an aeration?

Every lawn can benefit from an aeration.  Aeration is one of the best ways to make your lawn thicker and improve the effectiveness of normal irrigation and fertilization. Lawn aeration is designed to remove small plugs of turf, thatch and soil from your lawn. These plugs break down and feed nutrients back to your lawn's root system. It is suggested that a lawn is aerated at least every other year.

Lawn Fertilizing in Walled Lake

Have questions? Check out our FAQ's below. 

Do you take checks over the phone?

Sorry we can not take checks by phone. We do accept all major credit cards over the phone. Top Lawn also offers a secure online payment system ware you can make one time payments or set up auto pay. Visit our website to create your account today.


I had an aeration done and one of my sprinkler heads are broken.

If you happen to have a broken sprinkler head just let us know asap and we wil come out and asses the possible damage.


Do I have to be present during the treatment?

You do not have to be present. We will apply your treatment and leave all information regarding our visit on your door. If you have additional questions call the office.


Why do I have brown spots in my lawn?

Brown spots can be caused by so many things. If you observe a spot in your lawn that you feel needs attention please call the office and we will come out and diagnose the problem.


Why was my lawn technician only at my house for a short time? Did you treat my whole lawn?

Our equipment is calibrated to provide the proper rate, resulting in an efficient use of our time. Top Lawn technicians are certified professionals with a goal of customer satisfaction.  


Can I manage my account online?

Yes. You can create an account at using your customer number, email address and Password. You can add services, pay your bills, set up auto pay request a call back and more.


Can I cut my lawn the same day as Top Lawn treated my lawn?

Yes. Your application will not be effected by the lawn mower. Even if you cut the grass right after your application. It is very hard to remove fertilizer after it has been applied.

Do I have to sign a contract?    

No. When you sign up for services over the phone everything is done verbally. When signing up for service online you will accept terms and conditions.


Do I have to sign up for services every year?

No. Just like other common household services Top Lawn will continue to treat your lawn until you ask us to stop. If you want to cancel services give us a call.

My lawn looks dry but it rained and I have a sprinkler system.  

If you have an automated sprinkler system we  recommend watering daily between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm. Approximately 20 to 30 minutes per zone (a little more or less depending on temperature and how much rain we get in a week). This will greatly reduce heat and moisture stress. Studies have shown that mid-day watering does not burn; it cools down the turf and relieves stress.

If you have to water manually, do it whenever you can(hopefully before 7 P.M.) There are many different types of manual sprinklers and most are pretty affordable and very effective. Even running your sprinkler in an area for an hour or so, once or twice a week should do the job in most cases.

We want to avoid evening / night time watering if possible (7pm to 5am) as it tends to encourage insect and disease outbreaks.

 Also, keep your lawn cut as tall as possible in the hot summer months. Most of our treatments do not require immediate watering but will be activated when watering or rain occurs. 

Where does Top Lawn Service?

Oakland, Wayne and Livingston Counties.


Why should I choose Top Lawn over other lawn care companies?

Top Lawn is a family owned and operated company in business for over 15 years. Nearly 100% of our first time customers, remain our customers today. We pride ourselves on providing superior customer service. At Top Lawn customer satisfaction is our TOP priority!


How do I sign up for services?

We want to make signing up for services as easy as we can. You can sign up online at or you can call us and sign up over the phone.


How do I pay for services?

After each service we will leave an invoice on your door. Upon receiving your invoice payment is due within 2 weeks. You can make payments online, mail or over the phone, we accept all major credit cards. If payment is not received within 30 days a late fee will be incurred.